Tuesday, April 04, 2006

LG VX4500 Voice Operated Cell Phone

Have you ever wanted a slave you could bark orders to and it would do exactly as ordered? It doesn't work so well with dogs and you can forget ever ordering a cat to do anything. But how about a cell phone?

While you can't make demands to your boss, you can to your cell phone thanks to the LG VX4500. This phone has some emerging technology called speaker-independent voice recognition. No training program is needed. This phone is smart enough to know that when you say "dial Charlie" that you want it to dial Charlie's number. Or you can just say a number and the phone will push the buttons for you.

Speaker independent voice recognition technology isn't unique to the LG VX4500, but it's rare in cell phones you can get for free. The VX4500 is a clamshell style flip-phone with a bold color screen and an external display that lets you select multiple backlight colors. It comes with 36 preloaded ringtones. Download others if you wish, along with graphics and games. This phone supports the BREW application platform.

In addition to voice driven menus and voice activated dialing, you can record voice memos. Another hands-free feature is the built-in speakerphone, which is handy for group discussions.

The LG VX4500 supports mobile Web browsing, text messaging and multimedia messaging. It has a large phone book capable of holding 499 entries. You can have 5 numbers and 3 email addresses for each name in your book.

You might think that all this capability might just suck the battery dry in a matter of minutes. No way. This phone lets you talk up to 195 minutes or over 3 hours. Standby time is up to a generous 165.6 hours or nearly a full week away from the charger.

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