Sunday, March 26, 2006

SunRocket Offers Free Phones and Cheap Phone Service

SunRocket is special among Voice over IP providers. No only can you buy an entire year's worth of unlimited local and long distance calling for under two hundred dollars, but you'll also get a Uniden cordless phone for free. It's everything you need to get home phone service even if you don't have a landline right now. You get the phone, the "gizmo" broadband phone adaptor, and the generous service plan. All you need is broadband Internet service, such as DSL or Cable Internet, and the SunRocket broadband phone package.

Look at all you get for under $17 a month. First of all is unlimited calling. You get to call anywhere, anytime within the 50 U.S. Sates, Canada and Puerto Rico. Talk as much as you want. It's flat rate telephone service. You also get free international minutes. You get a $3 allowance each month for those occasional overseas calls, which is enough for 100 minutes to any of 41 countries.

If you make a lot of international calls, SunRocket offers much better long distance calling rates than you are used to. Canada and Puerto Rico are free, of course. Australia, France and Germany cost just 3 cents a minute. Calls to China are 5 cents a minute. The Philippines costs 17 cents a minute.

You also get a free extra phone number. Yes, you can transfer your current telephone number if it is eligible or choose a new number. On top of that, you get to select a second number that can be any local number. You live in Detroit, so your primary number is a local Detroit number. Your second number, which rings to the same phone, can be a Miami local number. Why? Because your parents or children are living in Miami. Instead of paying for a long distance call to Detroit, they make a local call to your Miami number. Your phone in Detroit rings just like for any other call. It has its own distinctive ring so you know the Miami number was dialed. You pick up and you're talking to your relatives in Miami and nobody is paying for a long distance call. I'll bet your current phone company doesn't give you this type of service.

You get telephone calling features included in your service that you might be paying for now. These include voicemail, 7 digit dialing, 3-way calling, call forwarding, Caller ID with Name, call longs, call return, call waiting, call waiting ID, click to call, distinctive rings, do not disturb, find me, speed dial and more.

Occasionally need to call Directory Assistance to track down a number? You get two free Directory Assistance calls each month. If you need more, they are available for 79 cents each.

How about emergency calling? Enhanced 911, also called E911, is included in your service at no extra charge.

So how much does all this really cost? The complete SunRocket local and unlimited long distance calling service is just $199 a year, which is under $17 a month. If you prefer, you can pay by the month with the $24.95 a month plan. That's it. Taxes and fees are already included in the price. There is no charge to activate. Your equipment and easy to install directions are included in the starter kit that is shipped to you free.

Please note that SunRocket does its magic by sharing your broadband Internet connection rather than using the old fashioned phone line. If you don't have broadband Internet yet, find DSL and Cable residential broadband services here. Also be aware that satellite Internet services do not work well with VoIP phone services due to transmission delay times.

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