Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Free Cell Phone Family Plan Deals

Cell phone family plans, also called shared minutes plans, are a great way to have two cell phones without twice the expense. With a family plan, you have one contract for two phones. The savings comes from both of you sharing one bucket of anytime minutes rather than two separate buckets. There's even more savings when you both get your phones for free.

Will this work for you? Probably yes, if you are like most people. I'm assuming you have a spouse, significant other or a child who wants their own cellphone. I'm also assuming that neither of you are complete minute hogs who always wind up running out of minutes before the end of the month, no matter how large your plan is. What likely happens is that the month ends and you've only used a third of your plan minutes and the rest go to waste. Or one of you is a heavy user and the other only needs occasional time to make emergency calls or let you know they are stuck in traffic. Most of that plan's minutes go unused.

Here's another option you may not be aware of. With the shared minutes plans offered through our online cellular store, you don't both have to pick the same phone. There are many selections, too. Some are available with cash rebates, some are free up front, some cost a bit but are offered at a discount. It's your choice.

If you prefer a different model phone than a Pink Razor for one or both of your selections, all you have to do is click the "change this phone" link next to the picture of the cell phone and chose from the many selections available.

We also have great deals from Sprint and Nextel that include free cell phones with shared minutes family plans. Find the plan that best suites your needs and select the phones you want now at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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