Thursday, March 30, 2006

Audiovox 8912 Cash Back Cell Phone

Are you familiar with cash back cell phone deals? Well, here's how they work. You order your cell phone with an appropriate cell phone service plan through our online cellular store. The service plan is from one of the major cellular carriers and costs the same as you'd pay in a store. But the phone deal is completely different. Your phone is either free after rebate or totally free up front, depending on the model. You get one or more mail-in rebates with your purchase. Follow the rebate instructions to the letter and you'll get cash back in the mail for more than you paid for the phone.

That's really true. Even if the phone was free to begin with, you can mail in the rebate forms and get what amounts to free money. Remember that you'd probably have to pay money out of pocket to get the same model phone in a cellular store or electronics retailer. Go ahead. Compare the phone prices you see in the newspaper ads or make note of what they are charging in the store. Then have a look at what you can get through our online special offers. It's a BIG savings to you.

Here's a good example. The Audiovox 8912 is a popular cellphone that anyone would be proud to carry and use. It's a small and light flip-phone that features a VGA quality digital camera with flash. It also has a large high resolution main color display, an external display that shows Caller ID and a built-in speakerphone. All this in a phone that just a little larger than a business card and weighs slightly over 3 ounces. It's perfect for pocket or purse.

Sure, you wouldn't mind shelling out some cash to get this cell phone with your Sprint PCS wireless service. But why should you when you can get it free by ordering through our online cellular store. Your phone will be delivered in 2 business days via FedEx and you won't have to stand in any lines to be waited on and then spend another hour while the clerk fills out the paperwork and activates your phone. Your can order the Audiovox 8912 with the Sprint service plan of your choice anytime day or night from the convenience of your personal computer. And then there's the $75 cash back.

Oh, you thought free was good enough? Not for you, my friend. With your order you get a $50 customer loyalty mail-in rebate and a $25 wireless device mail-in rebate. That's 75 dollars coming your way just for being smart enough to take advantage of this online special.

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