Sunday, January 22, 2006

Motorola V276 Review and Free Offer

The Motorola V276 camera phone is a stylish flip phone with interchangeable faceplates so you can personalize it to match your style. It has everything you want in a cell phone for everyday use and, best of all, it's instantly free when your order it with service.

Yes, this is a camera phone. You get a VGA quality digital camera that takes snapshots to send or print. Those photos will look great on the vibrant color main display which shows over 65,000 colors. A second monochrome external display shows important information, such as battery life and signal strength, with the phone closed.

The Motorola V276 has some other handy, or should I say hands-free, features. Menus can be voice driven. The voice recognition technology is speaker-independent and doesn't require you to train the phone to recognize your voice. You can record voice memos in lieu of making pencil and paper notes. Switch to the internal speakerphone and converse hands-free. This is also a nice feature when you are with a group of people who would like to join in the conversation.

Text messaging and multimedia messaging are features of the Motorola V276 cell phone. Other fun features include custom ringtones, downloadable games and customizable graphics. You truly can make this phone your own.

Did I happen to mention that this phone is instantly free with your service order? That's right. There are no rebate forms to send in. You get a free phone delivered to you free in 2 business days via FedEX.

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