Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Audiovox 8910 Cell Phone Pays You

Have you ever heard of a cell phone that pays you instead of you paying for it? The Audiovox 8910 camera phone does just that. You don't buy the phone. It's included free with your service order. Instead, you get a mail-in rebate worth $50 cash back. That's right. You get a rebate for a phone you didn't pay for in the first place.

Now don't try walking into a cellular store or electronics retailer and asking for this deal. They'll laugh you right out of the place. To get this special offer, you need to order it through our online cellular store. Your order your 8910 with Verizon Wireless service and you get an instant savings so the phone is free to you. You even get 2 day delivery via FedEX for free. Plus you'll get a mail-in rebate for $50 that you can send in later.

Sweet deal, right? What makes this offer even sweeter is that the Audiovox 8910 is one sweet cell phone. It is stylish, lightweight and a best seller among cellphones. For good reason, too. You get a digital camera, speakerphone, two displays and more.

Your digital camera has VGA quality resolution and a built-in flash. You'll love taking spur of the moment snapshots and sending them to your friends. Those pix will look great on your high resolution color main display. It is capable of showing over 65,000 colors. A second external display shows Caller ID so you know who's ringing before you even open the phone.

Hands free dialing is a feature of the Audiovox 8910, as is the built-in speakerphone. Include everyone at your end in the conversation with your speakerphone or just use it for hands free operation.

The 8910 also includes such niceties as text messaging capability, speed dialing, downloadable games and polyphonic ringtones. It has the capabilities you'll use every day in a clamshell package that weighs just over 3 ounces.

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