Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kids Cell Phone Special Free Offer

Would you love to give your kids a cell phone, but cringe at the thought of having to pay $100 to $150 to get the popular Firefly cell phone for kids? Well, we've got good news for you. The Firefly has just become available for free when you order it with AT&T cellular service through our online cell phone store. This isn't a rebate offer. You can get 1 or 2 cool cell phones for kids at no upfront cost. You can even get your Firefly delivered with free 2-day delivery.

Isn't this just the perfect thing for your pre-teens? Even if they haven't been nagging you for their own cell phone, there are good reasons why you should give them each one... at least for the safety aspect. With a Firefly cell phone, your kids can push just one button to be connected to 911 emergency service. Or, they can push a different button and make a direct call to you. They don't have to remember any numbers because there isn't even a standard dial on this phone. Instead, you program the dedicated buttons and extra numbers in the phone book and then lock the phone. Your little ones can only call and receive calls from the numbers you specify.

This mobile phone is designed to take the abuse kids age 5 to 12 can dish out. It's built into a rugged translucent plastic shell about the same size as a business card. The antenna is hidden inside the case so it can't break off. The rounded shell can't hurt anyone and the backpack clip ensures that they won't accidentally drop it anywhere.

This is really a great cell phone for kids. It's got some fun features such as 7 backlit screen colors, 12 pre-loaded ringtones, 5 animated graphics plus flashing lights. It's fun like a toy, but with the serious communications capability you need to stay in touch when you need to. Unlike walkie-talkie devices, the Firefly is a real cell phone that can call you or the authorities in seconds. You can even treat your kids by programming their friends numbers so they can stay in touch while learning communications skills they'll always need.

You can get an even better deal by selecting a shared minutes plan that includes 2 free Firefly cell phones. Or you can share a plan with your child by getting them the Firefly and selecting a different cell phone model for yourself. There are many other cell phones that are also available free.


keri said...

Is this phone free

T1 Rex said...

It was free when this post was published in 2005. Check out all the current free phone offers at