Monday, December 05, 2005

Cash Back on a Firefly Cell Phone

Here's a special deal for you and your children. It's $25 cash back when your order your Firefly cell phone for kids with Cingular Wireless service through our online cellular store.

Is this new? Yes. It's a special offer that just became available. If you read our article, "Kids Cell Phone Special Free Offer", you know that you can get one or two Firefly cell phones free with service. In fact, you can even mix and match phones on the Cingular shared minutes plans. That means that you can get a great cell phone like a Motorola RAZR Black for yourself and a Firefly for your pre-teen child and share your cellular minutes. It's a great way to give that little one the ability to get help in an emergency and generally stay in touch with you without getting into a lot of expense.

Now the deal is even better. Order your Firefly Kids Cell Phone on a new Cingular Wireless plan before the special offer expires and you'll get the Firefly phone free plus a rebate for $25. Hurry, this definitely won't last.

We now also have the exciting LG Migo (pronounced me-go) Kids cell phone free with a Verizon Wireless service order. Migo or Firefly. They're both great cell phones for kids.

If you like the idea of a great cell phone deal but prefer a different model phone or perhaps a different carrier, we have lots more to chose from at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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