Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sony Ericsson W600 Walkman Phone Has FM Radio

How about a cell phone that is also an entertainment center? You'll always have entertainment with you when you carry the long awaited Sony Ericsson W600 Walkman Phone. It's here, and it's a beauty.

Yes, the name Walkman is significant. You have your Sony Walkman music player, right? Well now Sony Ericsson has advanced the technology to merge a Sony Walkman and a cell phone. The result is a portable wireless device that is a phone one minute and a music machine the next.

When closed, you might take the W600 for just another MP3 music player. It IS an MP3 music player that lets you download songs from your computer into its 256 MB internal memory. But unlike most simple music players and many MP3 phones, this device also has an FM radio built-in. You can preset up to 8 channels and receive the RDS datastreams that many stations send. You can also choose to put away the headphones and play your tunes through the stereo speakers that feature wide angle sound and MegaBass.

The Sony Ericsson W600 has a high quality digital camera with 1.3 Megapixel resolution and a LED flash. You can shoot still pictures or videos up to a minute long. The large Color Main Display is 1.8 inches diagonal and can display over 262,000 colors. Go ahead. Leave your other digital camera at home along with your MP3 player and your radio. You have all those functions included in your W600.

Did I mention that this music machine is also a telephone? The clever swivel design swings the telephone pushbuttons around from the back to make the W600 look like the powerful cellphone it is. It will interrupt your music when a call comes in. Go ahead and talk all you want. The powerful battery in the Walkman Phone lets you talk up to 8 1/2 hours. Or you can leave the W600 on standby for up to 16 days. Wow. That's over two weeks between charges. With all it does, I suppose it is hard to find time to set it down for charging.

The Sony Ericsson W600 has a value of over two hundred dollars, which is quite reasonable for such a cutting edge phone. But, you can get a special deal from our online cellular store when you order your phone with new Cingular Wireless service. For a limtited time it's free after rebate. Order now and get free shipping included.

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