Sunday, November 20, 2005

Motorola i710 Special Free Offer

The Motorola i710 is a popular and stylish clamshell style cell phone that you'll use everyday with your Nextel cellular service. It features the famous Nextel Direct Connect Walkie-Talkie service. Forget playing phone tag, getting busy signals or having to leave voice mail messages. You want to talk to someone who is also a Nextel customer? You got 'em right now with push-to-talk. That's as in instantly. Is it a walkie-talkie or is it a cell phone? The answer is yes!

Flip open your i710 and you'll find a vibrant color main display capable of displaying over 65,000 colors. Customize your display with downloadable wallpapers. Make sure you know your phone is the one ringing with customized ringtones.

You'll be able to talk to lots and lots of people using the giant 600 entry phone book. Battery life is up to 199 minutes or 3.3 hours talk time per charge. Standby time is up to 70 hours.

There are a few other features that make the Motorola i710 a joy to use. One is the built-in speakerphone. Use it like you would an office speaker phone so you can talk and take care of other business the same time. Or use it as a conference phone to let a group join in the conversation. Want hands-free operation but more privacy? Plug in a headphone, like the sleek Jabra headphone, and you're good to go. Hey, I'll bet you'd like one of those for free, right? OK, but you'll have to hurry. Supplies are really limited, so if you want a $39.99 value Jabra headset included with your phone, you better order now before you go do anything else.

So, how much do you think a great cell phone like this is going to set you back? How about zip, nada, zero, nil, nothing. Or should I just say it's free with your Nextel cellular service plan. You don't even need any rebate forms. Shipping is free too. Your Motorola i710 will arrive in two days by FedEx at no cost to you.

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