Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Samsung A560 Basic Cell Phone Free

It's a small, lightweight clamshell style flip-phone that has what you need for everyday use and comes at a great price. Free. That's right. You can get the Samsung A560 free when you order new Sprint PCS wireless service. You don't need any rebate forms because you don't have to pay for the phone. It comes free when you order your service from our online store. It's even shipped to you at no cost.

The A560 is a real beauty, too. It comes in a stylish design of silver and blue. Where is the antenna? It's cleverly hidden inside the case.

Don't think that the Samsung A560 is low tech just because you can get it at no charge and without waiting for a rebate to get your money back. Flip open your A560 and you'll see a color main display that shows over 65,000 colors. It's a generous 128 x 160 pixels. This phone lets you send and receive text messages and even record voice memos. The built-in speakerphone lets you talk hands-free or invite your group to participate in a conversation. You've got a calculator, calendar, to-do list and 300 entry phonebook built-in. Use the voice activated dialing feature for the ultimate in convenience.

You can get your Samsung A560 free when you order it with a great cellular service plan from Sprint. The features plan is the Sprint PCS Free & Clear Area Wide. With this plan you get 1,000 anytime minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes, and nationwide long distance included. All this for just $45.99 per month. Other plans are available too.

In fact, you might want to consider a shared minutes plan. With one of these, you can get TWO Samsung A560 cell phones for free. Or, choose an A560 and one of another model phone. There are many to choose from.

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