Thursday, November 24, 2005

Motorola V710 Camera Phone for Alltel Deal

If you're lucky enough to be in the service area for Alltel Wireless, you have the opportunity to get the Motorola V710 camera phone at a special price with your cellular service plan from our online cell phone store. This phone is a best seller with many advanced technology features.

The Motorola V710 camera phone sports a 1.2 megapixel digital camera with 4x digital zoom, self-timer so you can get in the pictures, plus autofocus with white balance for sunny, cloudy, indoor or night photos. It's all automatic. You just point and shoot. Take great looking still photos to share with friends, or switch to the video clip capture mode and take 15 second videos.

The V710 features two color displays. Flip open the clamshell style case and you'll find the gorgeous 2.2 inch main display, perfect for showing your photos in beautiful color. Close the case and the smaller external display shows such valuable information as battery life, signal strength and Caller ID.

You have two options for hands free communications. The Motorola V710 is Bluetooth enabled, so you can use a wireless Bluetooth headset. You can also elect to use the built-in speakerphone for yourself or to let others join in the conversation.

Want to take your tunes with you? The V710 has an integrated MP3 player so you can listen to music or download MP3 ringtones to customize your phone. To store your music, you'll want to pop a card into the external memory slot. The phone itself has 10 Mb memory for user storage.

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