Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pioneer Telephone's Long Distance Rate Busters

Pioneer is a long distance telephone company featuring a combination of "old fashioned" customer service and long distance rates that beat not only many long distance companies, but some of the "new fashioned" VoIP providers as well.

One of the special features that Pioneer offers is an ultra low rate of 1.9 cents per minute anytime to talk state-to-state with another Pioneer customer. You'll save a bundle if you can get your friends and relatives all switching to Pioneer Telephone. Here's an idea: send the URL of this article to those you talk to a lot with a note that Pioneer is a good deal for all concerned.

For calls to non-Pioneer customers, you have a choice of two plans, the "Rate Buster" and "Talk Cents." They are both good deals, but with slightly different terms.

The Rate Buster, as the name implies, really breaks through the high rates many people pay for their long distance service. The best rate is 2.7 cents per minute. This rate is available to most everyone served by one of the larger Regional Bell Operating Companies, such as Ameritech, Bell South, Pac Bell, SBC, and so on. If you live in a smaller community, you can probably still get service but the rates will be a little higher.

With the Rate Buster plan, calls are billed in 60 second increments. This is the better long distance plan if most of your calls are for long conversations rather than just a minute or two to leave a message. There is no monthly fee for this plan, but there is a low usage fee of 99 cents if you make less than $15 worth of long distance calls in a month. Even that fee is waived if you elect to have online billing rather than a monthly paper bill.

The Talk Cents plan offers a best rate of 3.25 cents per minute, which is still superior to many other long distance services. The big advantage of this plan is that your calls are billed in six second increments. The Talk Cents plan is your better choice if you make lots and lots of short calls during the month. The minimum call you pay for can be just 6 seconds state to state or 30 seconds on in-state long distance calls. Tend to play a lot of phone tag? This is the plan for you.

With either the Rate Buster or Talk Cents plans, you also have the opportunity to have your own in-bound toll free number. These are great for students away at school or relatives who might otherwise be reluctant to call. The people who call you at your toll free number don't get charged. You'll pay the same rates as you would if you made the call. Of course, you aren't charged for any toll free numbers that you place from your home phone.

Pioneer Telephone recently bought the long distance accounts formerly served by the bankrupt Adelphia. That's good news for former Adelphia long distance customers. But you can also get the excellent rates offered by Pioneer Telephone regardless of who your long distance provider is now. Learn more and order Pioneer Telephone service now.

If you would like to compare all of the long distance services we offer to find the best plan for your location and calling pattern, use our complimentary Best Long Distance Rates Calculator. It's a fast and free service that will help you save the most money on your long distance calls.

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