Friday, August 26, 2005

Motorola i850 Camera Phone and Jabra Headset Free

The Motorola i850 bundled with Nextel wireless service and a Jabra headset give you cell phone capabilities beyond what you may be used to. Now you can get both the camera phone and headset free for a very limited time. More on that offer in just a second.

Did you know that a cell phone can also be a mobile GPS navigation unit? This one has a GPS receiver built-in. With optional TeleNav 10 service from Nextel, you'll get visual and audible turn by turn driving directions. You get automatic notifications when you've gone off course and you can download 10 routes/month to find gas stations, restaurants and more.

The Motorola i850 also supports Nextel Direct Connect. Nationwide Direct Connect service gives you instant contact with Nextel customers all across America. No phone tag and no busy signals. You push a button and get right through. Another unique Nextel feature is Group Connect. You can get right through to a group of up to 25 people in your home market, altogether and all at once.

So, is this a cell phone, a walkie-talkie, a GPS navigation system? Yes. It's all of those. The Motorola i850 is a great clam shell style flip-phone with a full color main display and a smaller blue external display. It features a VGA quality digital camera that takes print quality photos. You have a speakerphone for your convenience, and other handy features such as a voice memo, calculator and calendar.

Want some fun? Download some games or customize the graphics. You'll be able to give your cell phone that personal sound with MIDI, WAV or MP3 ringtones. You get not just Caller ID, but Picture Caller ID, so you'll really recognize who's calling. Not convenient to talk? Send a SMS text message without making a peep. While you're at it, send some pictures too.

When you do want to talk, you can literally talk for hours. The battery gives you up to 245 minutes of talk time and up to 70 hours of standby time. Clip on the Jabra headphone and be comfortable for those long conversations.

Now, here's how to get the special offer. Order your Motorola i850 with new Nextel cellular service and you'll get the phone free after rebates. That's right, this normally priced $249.99 phone comes with a $50 instant rebate and $200 in mail-in rebates. You'll also get a free Jabra headset valued at $39.99. Hurry! This offer expires on Wednesday, August 31.

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