Friday, August 26, 2005

Free Motorola V330 Video Phone and Bluetooth Headset

For a very limited time you can now get the fantastic Motorola V330 video phone free after rebate with T-Mobile cellular service and get a free Bluetooth headset. No, you can't find this deal just anywhere. The catch? You gotta really move on this one. The free Bluetooth headset offer will expire soon.

Bluetooth is the latest in short range communications technologies. Bluetooth makes it possible to have a headset that works with your cell phone without any connecting wires. This high-tech headphone has a value of $79.99, but you'll get it free when you order your Motorola V330 cell phone and a new T-Mobile cell phone plan.

This is one hot combination. The Motorola V330 is the popular clam shell flip-phone design, but unlike some other models it is loaded with the latest technology. Bluetooth communications is just one of the built-in features. The V330 also functions as a digital camera and camcorder. You can record up to 15 seconds of video clips and send them to your friends. The VGA camera has a built-in timer to put YOU in the picture, too. Other advanced features include AOL Instant Messenger built-in, a beautiful color display, and a separate external display that shows Caller ID, battery life and more.

Like games? Bejeweled and pinball come with your V330. Plus you can download additional titles. You can customize graphics with the "Foto Fun" editor. You can also download polyphonic ringtones so your phone will sound just as good as it looks. Other features include a built-in calculator, currency converter, calculator and alarm. The alarm works even when the phone is off. You get speakerphone, voice dialing and picture Caller ID. Of course, text messaging capability comes built-in.

Wow, this phone is really something. It's valued at $199.99 and there are some stores that might have the nerve to charge you that price. Our price is just $169.99. However, if you buy now you'll also get a $50 mail-in rebate and a $120 mail-in rebate. After rebate, your phone is FREE. We'll even include a free car charger as a bonus. Oh, yes, if you want the best deal of all which includes all this plus a free Bluetooth wireless headset, you must place your order before supplies run out.

Order the T-Mobile Get More 600 Minutes plan with your V330 and you'll enjoy 600 anytime minutes per month, unlimited night and weekend minutes and free nationwide digital roaming. This plan is priced at just $39.99 a month. Other T-Mobile plans are also available including the shared minutes plans that will get you TWO Motorola V330 video phones, TWO bonus car chargers and TWO Bluetooth Headsets, all free after rebate.

Too late? If you are reading this too late to take advantage of this special offer, don't despair. Cell Phone Plans Finder features the latest phones with rebates and special bonus offers. There is always something new, so stop by and browse.

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