Monday, August 08, 2005

How Do I Get Home Phone Service?

We get a steady stream of inquiries asking how to get home phone service if you've never had it before or how to transfer your service if you are moving.

Here's how it works. If what you want is traditional "landline" telephone service and you don't already have it where you are living, you'll need to get connected by your local phone company. This service is delivered by a pair of copper wires that run directly from your house or apartment to the nearest telephone company office. You can visit the phone company or call their customer service number in hopes of not having to wait too long for help. Or you can order or transfer your local phone service online.

Once you have local phone service working, you have the option to switch your long distance service or both your local and long distance services to competitive phone companies. Why do this? To save money, of course!

There are many competitive long distance providers. You can pick one that offers lower state to state and in-state long distance rates for your particular location and the company will take care of making the switch for you. Use our long distance best rates calculator to find your lowest cost provider.

Another option is to use a competitive phone company for a "bundle" of local and long distance services. You'll get one bill for all your local and long distance calls. The flat rate pricing for these packages make it easy to know what your phone bill will be each month. Review the current bundled phone service offers here.

A newer option that wasn't even available a few years ago is broadband phone. With broadband phone, you don't even need a telephone line. It uses your DSL or cable modem broadband connection to carry phone calls as well. You might get an unlimited local and long distance calling package for less than traditional phone service because it assumes that you are already buying broadband for your computer. You can check out the latest broadband phone offers here.

Finally, there is the option to go completely wireless and just use your cell phone for everything. This has the advantage that you only need to give people one number and they'll always be able to reach you. Cell Phone Plans Finder has many free and low cost cell phones with cellular service from major providers.

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