Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cablevision sells VOOM to Dish Network Parent EchoStar

MSNBC - Cablevision sells satellite unit to EchoStar

Cablevision Systems Corp. has announce that it has sold its unprofitable satellite broadcasting division to EchoStar Communications Corp for $200 million. EchoStar is the parent company of Dish Network.

The high definition satellite offering, known as VOOM, will continue to provide service during the transition. EchoStar is considering how best to use the service to enhance its own satellite offerings through Dish Network.

Dish Network is the fastest growing direct broadcast satellite television service in the US, with the capacity to offer over 500 channels. Their largest authorized distributor, VMC Satellite, currently offers free installation of up to 4 receivers. This can include up to 2 HDTV receivers, and free local channels where available. Best yet, all equipment comes with a lifetime warranty.

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