Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going Green With Refurbished Computers

You know that you should recycle electronics to keep from generating toxic waste in the landfill. In fact, you can get paid for used laptops online, and easily drop off cell phones and laptop batteries at some of the big box retailers for proper recycling at no cost to you. But did you know that there is a way to be green when buying new electronics and get yourself a big discount at the same time?

Check out the Deal of the Day at Secondipity. Hurry before it's gone!The site you need to visit is called Secondipity. It’s the meld of second chance and serendipity. You’ll consider it serendipitous that you read this article when you see how much you can save by purchasing store returns and factory refurbished computers and other electronic equipment.

The idea behind Secondipity is that there is usually nothing wrong with products that have been returned to the store. People just change their minds. Sometimes they get the product home and realize that what they bought just isn’t for them. Other times, they have a flash of panic when they realize that they really can’t afford to be buying gadgets on impulse when other bills are piling up. Either way, the item goes back but can’t be sold as new once the box is open and the merchandise handled.

Some stores mark returns down for a discount and sell them as open box. Others can’t be bothered or are concerned about markdowns competing with new full price merchandise. These items go to a liquidator. Overstock items are also moved off the shelves for liquidation.

By keeping a sharp eye, you can get what amounts to a like new laptop, iPad or game console at a big discount. The only problem is that there are relatively few of the deals at any particular store. You’ll have a much better chance of finding what you want when you shop the selections at Secondipity.

Let’s take a look at what’s hot on Secondipity right now. The front page suggestions include an Apple iPad 16 GB tablet, iPod Touch, Vizio 37 inch LCD TV, Sony PSP Go handheld game console, and a Carrom Signature Foosball game. Oh, that would look nice in the game room. All of these are available at significant discounts from the MSRP prices.

Every day, there is a special “Deal of The Day” that has an even better discount. Today’s deal is a Panasonic 42” 720p Plasma HDTV that is an open box item. There’s a whopping discount of over $200 on this one, so take a look right now if you are interested. Tomorrow there will be a different item, also at a huge discount. You really should bookmark the Secondipity Deal of The Day and take a look every day just to make sure you don’t miss something.

These are just few selections. You’ll find category tabs with lots more items under Electronics, TV & Home Theater, Camera & Video, Computers, Video Gaming, House & Home, Mobile Phones, Other and Clearance. There are some real goodies under that green Clearance tab.

How about those refurbished computers? I see a number of Apple iPads, Acer Aspire laptop, HSP Touchsmart all-in-one computer, HP Compaq desktop tower, Sony VAIO desktop and about four more pages of desktops, laptops, notebooks, monitors and other computing equipment. Apple MacBook Pro? Yes, it’s there at a discount. Just try and get a discount on Apple gear from Apple or at local electronics stores.

Secondipity ships free on orders within the continental U.S. over $35 and even has a generous return policy in case you change your mind or something doesn’t meet your expectations. Pretty hard to go wrong with deals like that. Plus, Secondipity donates a portion of every purchase to support classrooms in need through the nonprofit organization They really do believe in doing well by doing good.

Are you in the market for open box or refurbished computers or other electronic gear? Would you like a significant discount to make it an affordable purchase? If so, check out the deals available right now at Secondipity.

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Peter Parker said...

Do you have anything against refurbished computers? I have saved a lot from buying refurbished items and the products I get have always been good quality and last longer than some things I have bought new. I have a Dell Optiplex GX520 that I bought refurbished for about $119 once during a holiday deal about two years ago from 'ElectroComputerWarehouse'. It still works great and it serves its purpose. It's great for surfing the net, watching DVDs and other tasks. You may check for you as well