Sunday, April 11, 2010

4G Wireless Broadband Internet Has Arrived

Have you been ignored by the telephone and Cable companies building out their broadband networks? Or are you just frustrated by high prices and inadequate bandwidth? Well, you may be really interested in 4G wireless broadband Internet.

What’s 4G and why is it better? This is a new technology that goes by the name of WiMAX. It works something like a WiFi hotspot, but a hotspot that covers an entire city. Not only that, but this wireless signal penetrates buildings so that you can get wireless Internet at your desk. You don’t need to put up a dish or other antenna outside like you do with satellite services. Just set the 4G modem next to your computer and get online.

But just how good is this 4G compared to other Internet services? First, let’s look at speed. 4G WiMAX offers downloads at speeds from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps with occasional bursts up to 10 Mbps. That’s faster than many DSL and Cable broadband services. It’s certainly faster than satellite broadband or what’s known as 3G cellular broadband. Cellular is what you get on your cell phone and rarely goes much faster than 1 Mbps. It works great for a cell phone and for your laptop computer when you can’t find a WiFi hotspot. But cellular broadband was never designed as a competitor to Cable and DSL. 4G was designed to be that competitor.

How about price? It’s not unusual to pay $45 or more per month for home broadband service. 4G broadband starts at $30 per month for unlimited service. For a little more, you can get both home and mobile service so you can use the same account for your laptop computer. It will run a lot faster on 4G than it will on 3G, making video and other downloads much more enjoyable.

Are you ready to upgrade your broadband connection or looking to get more bandwidth at lower cost? If so, learn more and see if you can get residential and home office broadband Internet service now.

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