Saturday, May 02, 2009

Call Mom In The Old Country

Mother's Day is coming up again. You know she'd love to hear from you. But, oh, the expense of making an overseas phone call. You check your budget and wince. If only there was a cheaper way to call out of the country and still get high quality connections. Well, now there is!

The service you want is TEL3Advantage. It's what's called a pre-paid dial-around long distance service. That's a mouthful, but it's significant. What a dial-around service does is let you call certain far away locations whenever you want at unbelievably low rates. Can you believe China for a penny a minute right now? You don't have to change your regular local or long distance service. Instead, you "dial around" them to reach TEL3Advantage. From there, the world is at your fingertips on the cheap. You can use any phone, even your cell phone.

Just in time for Mother's Day, TEL3Advantage is running a "triple play" special deal. The rates are 30% off for 30 days, which is astounding since they are so cheap to begin with. Plus you get up to 900 free calling minutes. With a 30% discount, 30 days to get in on it, and free minutes, you are the triple winner.

Oh, yes, this service works from both the United States and Canada. Canadian readers take note. This is a rare value for you.

How about those rates to Canada? They're 1.4 cents per minute. Same to Berlin, Germany. The rest of Germany is available for 2.1 cents per minute. Also on a per minute basis, Mexico is 4.2 cents, France is 1.4 cents, Japan is 3.5 cents, Panama is 2.8 cents, Poland is 2.4 cents, Ireland is 1.1 cents, Israel is 1.7 cents and Italy is 2.1 cents.

Is there a service person in your family that you'd like to call? In addition to the rates just mentioned, you can call Iraq for 5.6 cents a minute and Afghanistan for 15.4 cents per minute.

Note that these are the rates from the contiguous 48 states and Canada. You'll pay a bit more if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam or Puerto Rico.

By the way, those rates are real calling rates. There are no connection charges or hidden fees like the one's prepaid calling cards typically charge. They are available for a limited time, however, so if you want to get a terrific deal on international calling you should act now.

Does this make it easier to call your mother or someone else far away that you would like to stay in touch with? Well, then learn more about this fantastic service, check the rates to your destination, even see a short video on how it all works. Then order quickly and easily online or call the toll free number to order. Don't forget the promo code! That will save you big time.
Find out more about the International Calling Special from TEL3Advantage.

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