Monday, February 09, 2009

The Best Phones In Life Are Free

Did you say that you are shopping for a cell phone? Great! You'll find more models with more features than ever before. But where are you doing your shopping? Visiting the retail stores? That's fine. Check out all the phones. Play with the store models. Ask questions. But whatever you do, don't buy anything.

This Nokia Pink Cell Phone is free. So are many others. Click Here to browse.That may sound down right un-American in these tortured economic times. Every business needs all the sales it can get. But you also need to think about yourself and your own finances. Don't you deserve a bailout as much as anyone?

The reason not to just jump in and sign the first wireless contract that some eager salesperson pushes in your face is that there are much better deals around than you may know about. How about getting your next cell phone for free? How about getting a really fancy smartphone like the BlackBerry Curve or Samsung touchscreen phone for free? And you were about to pay $100 or $200 when you saw the very same phone in the store?

So where's a better place to shop? Try online. Without the overhead of a bricks and mortar operation, high volume online sellers can offer free phones with the same variety and prices on wireless service plans. What's more, you'll often get free shipping and your phone will come to you quickly ready to use. No driving from store to store, no standing in line, no waiting for twenty minutes for someone behind the counter to do the programming.

Right now, there's an excellent selection of free cell phones waiting for your perusal at Owl Cell Phone. Not just a few models, either. I count 110 different cellphones in this category as of this writing. Page after page after page of smartphones, music phones, high resolution camera phones, and basic models you just use for conversation.

What brand of phones are available for free? There are many models by Sanyo, BlackBerry, Motorola, Palm, LG, HTC, Samsung, T-Mobile, Nokia, Pantech and Sony Ericsson. Wireless service plans to support these phones are offered by AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Alltel, Nextel and Airlink Select.

This particular database of free phones lets you compare two or more phones side by side or view the specific features of each. Since you are browsing online, you can take your time and not be rushed. You also have access 24/7. Shop on your own schedule, not between some fixed hours.

Sound interesting? Find out why the best cell phones in life really are free. Browse, compare and order free and heavily discounted cell phones with wireless service quickly and easily online right now.

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