Monday, April 14, 2008

A Pink Walkman Phone For Mom

Mother's Day is fast approaching. What will you be giving dear mom this year? Chocolate? Flowers? Card? How about something that will really make you stand out in her mind as an appreciative son, daughter or hubby? Forget the usual. Get her the unusual. Imagine mom's delight when she opens her brand new pink Walkman cell phone.

Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Pink for AT&T shown open.Stunning notion, isn't it? It's a stunning phone. This is the new Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Pink for AT&T. It's a cell phone, a music player, an FM radio, a high resolution digital camera and a camcorder, all wrapped up in a beautiful pink case. Sony calls it "metro pink." Mom will call it beautiful.

Sure, there are other pink cell phones. But this one is like no other. This beauty is first and foremost a fantastic cell phone in a slider package only a half-inch thick. Closed, it looks like a music player. It's that too. But slide down the keyboard and you are ready to make calls on the AT&T wireless network. Yes, it supports a Bluetooth cellular headset. But you'll only want that when you are too occupied to hold up this gorgeous pink mobile for all to see... and envy. Battery life is outstanding. You get up to 540 minutes or 9 hours of talk time and 370 hours or over two weeks on standby. Many very basic cell phones can't measure up to these specs.

Now let's look at the music side of the W580i Walkman Pink. Close the phone again and all you see are the large high resolution color display and buttons used to control your music. Load your tunes into your Walkman and you've got music on the go. A stereo headset is included, along with a USB cable for downloading from your computer. If you have way too many tunes, buy a Memory Stick Micro (M2) expandable memory card and add more songs to your phone.

The built-in music player will play MP3 and AAC format music selections. That big color screen shows you playlists and album art. You can play, rewind, fast forward, equalize and shuffle tracks like you would on a stand-alone music player. Never enough bass in your tunes? MegaBass adds depth and stereo widening to give you that big sound in a small player.

Here are a couple of features unique to this pink Walkman. It has a shake control. Want to change songs in a hurry? Shake your phone. It vibrates a bit to tell you it's moving on to another tune. Hear a song but don't know what it is? Use the TrackID feature to record a few seconds and the service will tell you the name of the song, the artist and the album. Stream your music to a big stereo or large stereo headphones wirelessly with Streaming Stereo Bluetooth.

More music, information, news, sports and talk shows are yours with the built-in FM radio. There are 8 presets so you can get to a favorite station quickly. Or stream AT&T music with any MEdia add-on rate plan feature.

Don't forget that this is a cell phone, a music player and a digital camera. You get high resolution pictures with the 2.0 Megapixel camera that includes 5x zoom. Or switch to camcorder mode and capture video clips that are limited in length only by the amount of available memory.

What a fantastic cell phone. What a gift! Daughters, sisters and aunts will all want one. But mom comes first, right? Hey, it IS Mother's day. Then, again, a daughter who buys two of these on a family plan gets the best of both worlds: A very happy mom and the joy of having one of these for yourself.

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