Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Looking for a Deal on VoIP Service?

Are you in the market for new VoIP service? Are you trying to replace the broadband phone service you've been using, such as SunRocket, because it is no longer available? Or maybe you've heard a bit about getting your telephone calls on the Internet and are wondering if this is something for you. Well, here's an offer you may find intriguing. specializes in residential broadband phone service, also called VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That means sending voice, or telephone conversations, over the Internet rather than on a private line to the phone company. So, why use the Internet when there is a perfectly good phone line available? Ah, that's the key question.

The phone line is owned by the phone company. It's been that way for over 100 years and not about to change. The technology hasn't much changed either. You can plug a 50 year old telephone into your line and it will work just fine. The incumbent phone company is nothing, if not consistent. Consistent, but not very progressive. That's where VoIP companies step in.

Since the traditional phone wires are owned by the phone company, innovative new companies needed another way to offer their services. They found that home broadband service has enough bandwidth to transport telephone calls as well as computer data. The trick is to convert the conversations into packets of bits that look just like computer data to the Internet. does this by providing an interface box that contain the electronics to allow a regular telephone set to connect to your broadband Internet router.

So why bother? Well, how much are you paying for your phone service? I'll bet it's not the $9.95 a month that charges for their most basic service. For that price you get 200 minutes a month to call anywhere in the USA, Canada or Puerto Rico. That's perfect for people who need a home phone but aren't heavy users. Oh, you ARE a heavy user? Then you'll want the unlimited package that goes for $19.95 a month or $16.95 a month on the annual payment plan. Talk all you want. Unlimited means you can chat to your heart's content. You'll also get International rates that are under 2 cents a minute extra to call the U.K, Germany, France, Italy, China or Australia. Rates are really reasonable to other countries, too.

You may be used to paying extra for calling features such as Caller ID, call-waiting or call forwarding. Not with these plans. These features are a basic part of the service. Plus you get other useful services such as voicemail, three-way calling, call blocking, call forwarding, do not disturb and find me. Find me lets you set up your service to call you from a list of alternative numbers, such as your cell phone, until it finds the phone you answer. Pretty handy when you're on the go and don't want to miss any calls.

Does this sound like the kind of phone service you'd like to have and the price you want to pay? If so, learn more and order your VoIP Internet Phone Service quickly and easily online.

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