Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Samsung Upstage M620 Two Faced Phone

The Samsung Upstage M620 may well be the start of a new design trend in consumer electronics. Not just including multiple functions in one device, mind you. That's been done for years. What's new is giving the touch and feel of having two completely different products in one case.

Here's how the Upstage pulls off this sleight of hand. The phone is two-faced. No, not like those people who say one thing to your face and something else behind you back. This phone is double sided. One side is designed to look like a conventional candy bar style cell phone. The other side is designed to look like a music player with large video display. It's kind of a phone-pod.

"Wait," you say. "I don't have to buy a new phone. I'll make one of these myself by gluing my cell phone and MP3 player back to back."

Sure. While you're at it, why don't you also glue your microwave oven and toast oven back to back and make the ultimate cooking machine?

"Because it would be way too thick," you say.

That's right. Rounding up your favorite appliances and fastening them together doesn't really add value. It just makes a really pricey boat anchor. Same with mobile electronics. Taking a cell phone and sticking it to a music player makes a really fat little electronic brick that does no more than the two devices in their pre-connected state. To get additional value, you need to cleverly engineer the device so that you can get all the functions you want in a smaller, thinner, cheaper package than the two you started out with.

The Samsung Upstage M620 delivers the goods. In a package no larger than a typical candybar cell phone you get a two-sided, dual function mobile electronics device. The dimensions are just 3.8 in. tall by 1.9 in. wide x 0.8 in. thick. In that sleek black case you get a full-feature cell phone with speakerphone, games, ringtones, multimedia messaging, email and mobile Web browsing.

It also has a 1.3 Megapixel digital camera that runs in camcorder mode for short video clips and takes snapshots good enough to print. You can use a Bluetooth headset, but that would be a shame considering the bragging rights that come with a phone this unique.

On the music player side you have a large high resolution color main display for viewing pictures and Sprint TV, plus touch sensitive controls to operate your MP3 music player. You can download songs right to the player, which supports album art and play lists. A2DP Bluetooth support allows you to stream music to compatible Bluetooth stereo headsets and stereo systems.

This is an amazing new mobile device. Even more amazing is the fact that you can get yours free after rebate for a limited time when you order it through our online cellular store with Sprint PCS cellular service.

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