Thursday, March 01, 2007

Motorola Tattoo RAZRs in Cherry Blossom and Dragon

How about RAZR phones with a flair? You love the technology and slim profile of the traditional Motorola RAZR V3, but your artistic side craves more in the way of style. Ah, now you're in luck. The new Cherry Blossom Tattoo and Dragon Tattoo razor phones are just what you are looking for.

Yes, I did say tattoo. That's not just a marketing name. These RAZRs have skin art etched into their anodized aluminum shells. The artwork is a custom design by Ami James of Miami Ink. There are two to select from, depending on your particular taste. The Cherry Blossom Tattoo is a gorgeous hot pink colored Motorola RAZR V3 cell phone adorned with a white floral design. Hey, it's always cherry blossom time whenever you're using this phone. The Dragon Tattoo is a silky gray RAZR V3 with a wrap-around dragon design.

The technical foundation of these stylish communicators is the classic Motorola RAZR V3 with myFaves for T-Mobile. Yes, these two models support the myFaves service plans if you choose one of those service options. myFaves lets you call five of your favorite numbers and talk as much as you want without draining your anytime minutes. There are many other types of service plans offered by T-Mobile, with varying features and quantities of anytime minutes. Choose what works for you.

The venerable V3 RAZR design features the groundbreaking half-inch slim profile that made Motorola famous. Well, more famous anyway. The super slim flip-phone is tougher that its svelte profile implies, thanks to an all-aluminum shell rather than a plastic package. The cool etched backlit feather touch keyboard also contributes to this advanced look.

Motorola RAZR V3 Dragon Tattoo w/ myFaves. Click Here for special offer.The Motorola V3 RAZR includes Bluetooth communications and speakerphone for hands-free operations. Although you may not really want to keep the phone in your pocket with those cool tattoos to show off. The built-in digital camera offers VGA resolution and has a self-timer. Go ahead, share pictures of yourself with your friends via multimedia messaging. The camera can also be used as a camcorder to capture video clips up to 15 seconds long. Plenty of time to capture an embarrassing moment for posterity. You can share your mini movies or view them yourself on the large high resolution main color display. An additional external display glows with a blue backlight to show important information, such as battery life and signal strength, without having to open the phone.

You'll enjoy up to 225 minutes of talk time and 226 hours of standby time with the powerful battery that supplies the RAZR. Even so, this cool phone weighs-in at a mere 3.4 ounces for easy carrying in pocket or bag. Or keep it out to flash around. You'll surely get lots of stares as people wonder how you so carefully customized your razor phone.

A gorgeous as these new tattoo designs are, we know that everyone has their particular favorites when it comes to cell phones and other mobile wireless devices. You'll find great deals on all of them at Cell Phone Plan Finder right now.

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