Monday, February 19, 2007

Havana Good Time at Work

"Mujer" from the Joe Cuba Sextette is eMusic's FREE Daily Download! The sensual latin rhythm just makes your hips move. It's Monday, but just because we may be chained to our desks, it doesn't mean that we can't dance in our seats when the boss isn't looking, right?

You know, when you listen to music while you work, it's great to have a lot of variety. Many radio stations just play the top hits over and over. Not only do you hear the same few songs every day, you even hear some more than once during the same day. Boring!! How about building your own library of great music that the radio stations overlook?

OK, I hear you asking how you'll find the music you want when you're not familiar with it already. Not to worry. eMusic maintains charts of the most popular downloads organized by album, artist, label and more. You can refine your charts by genre, year, member ratings and more. Want to know what's popular this month, this week or just today? They've got that too. You can even be ahead of the pack with advance releases. When you see what's available you'll want to sign up for 25 free downloads to get started. eMusic's Power Charts: The Most Interactive Music Charts Online.

Uh oh, the boss is coming. Everybody look busy!

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