Thursday, January 18, 2007

Carnivore Salutes the Instituation

Simon Dawes' Carnivore album is a true flesh ripper. Crank it up and take nice bite out of your neighbor's eardrums. This music is LOUD. "Salute the Institution", eMusic's FREE Daily Download! for today, is cranked up. So be sure to set your volume a bit down before after you download it. At reasonable listening levels it's a decent rock and roll tune, albeit audio compressed to create that "power radio" sound.

I should also mention that this tune grows on you with repetition. Give it a chance and perhaps you'll get hungry to download the rest of Carnivore. You can download the additional tracks free when you Get 25 FREE Music Downloads with your trial subscription to eMusic. Prefer something else? There are well over a million tracks to choose from. They're all in MP3 format, compatible with iTunes, iPods, MP3 music players, MP3 CDs for your car, and even music cell phones.

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