Sunday, January 28, 2007

Call Bird's Home Broadband Service Finder

You'll find a new service at Call Bird, your guide through the telecom jungle. It's a handy home broadband service finder.

If you've been secretly wanting true high speed Internet service for your home or home office but have been afraid of high costs, the time may be right to switch. Broadband is now the Internet service for everyone. Even AOL, the pioneer of dial-up Internet, has abandoned dial-up as an obsolete technology. Why? Because broadband is more available and more competitively priced than ever.

What's available? There's DSL or Digital Subscriber Line that shares your main telephone line without interfering. You use your phone as normal. Your computer gets data from the Internet at the same time, without interrupting your conversations. That's totally different than dial-up which hogs the phone line. Cable Internet uses extra channels on Cable TV services to provide always-on broadband Internet service. You can usually get Cable Internet without having to subscribe to Cable TV, but the bundle price for both services is often a bargain. If you can't get either DSL or Cable at your location, such as in rural areas, Satellite Broadband is for you. It's a two-way system that uses a small dish on your roof to communicate with the "bird" hovering in the sky.

Most people have several options for broadband at their home location. Which one you pick is probably going to be based on cost and your particular service preference. What's available for you? Find out in less than a minute using Call Bird's Home Broadband Service Finder.

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