Friday, December 01, 2006

Simplify With Bundled Local, Long Distance and Internet Service

How would you like to cut down on the number of bills you have to pay each month and likely save money in the process? That the bright idea behind bundled telecommunications services. Right now you might be getting one bill for your local phone service, another for long distance, a third for dial-up Internet access, and perhaps another for a calling card. With PowerNet Global bundled service you get one bill a month for all of these. The combined total with bundled service may well be less than the sum of all those other bills and it's a lot more convenient.

PowerNet Global or PNG is a major competitive telecommunications service provider that specializes in bundled services for residential users. Their basic plan is called "Call to Connect," that comes in several varieties. The Call to Connect Simple plan gives you unlimited local calling plus 30 minutes of domestic long distance for one bundled price. You can add-on other features such as call waiting and CallerID with Name if you wish.

The Call to Connect plan is similar but designed for people who make more long distance calls. This plan includes 120 minutes of long distance plus unlimited local calling. The Call to Connect Plus plan includes 120 minutes of long distance and unlimited local calling, but also includes Call Waiting, Caller ID with Name and Caller ID Waiting for one package price.

But, the fun doesn't stop there. Go ahead and add high speed dialup Internet service for $12.95 a month. If you only need occasional Internet access and find that dial-up works fine for your email and Web browsing activities, there's no need to pay several times that much for DSL or Cable broadband, or pay even more than this low price to a stand-alone dial-up ISP.

Do you travel? Well, you'll want a calling card to take with you so you don't get stuck paying exorbitant hotel phone rates when you want to call home or make other long distance calls from your room. The PNG TravelCard option will give you up to 5 calling cards that charge to your one PNG phone service bill at just 9.7 cents a minute. You'll get your cards in the mail in about a week after your order is approved.

PowerNet Global has some great billing options available. You can choose to get a traditional paper bill every month that includes all of your PNG services. That's one bill, not a snowstorm of paper. You can also choose the AutoPay option and have your PNG services billed to your major credit card. Then you wont' have to worry about writing a separate check for your phone and Internet services at all.

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