Monday, December 25, 2006

Making the Most of Holiday Technology Gifts

Wow! Look at those great tech toys that showed up under the tree this year. Most people know you need batteries and blank media to get that technology up and running. Now, here are a few other suggestions to jump starting your new high-tech gear.

Music players are ubiquitous. Everybody has or wants an iPod or MP3 music player. They also come bundled in cell phones. The first thing you have to do is get batteries in that new player or charge up the rechargeable internal battery. But then what? You've got this cool piece of equipment that doesn't seem to have anything to say, much less sing.

How about the perfect music service to complement the new music player or music cell phone? Ideally, it has to be affordable and have lots and lots of music to choose from. You also want a service that's easy to use. It needs to work with many different types of players, not force you to enter codes when you want to listen or burn a CD, and not disable your music if you decide to discontinue the service.

eMusic may well be just the right music service for you. eMusic distinguishes itself by being the world's largest retailer of independent music, with thousands of record labels and well over a million tracks to choose from. You can select classic rock songs from famous bands, or explore everything there is to offer from the Alternative, Blues, Classical, Country, Hip-Hop, International, Jazz, New Age, Rock and Spiritual genres. Mix and burn your own CDs, download to just about any music player including iPods and cell phones, and own the music you buy. Choose the monthly subscription level that best meets your needs. Per song cost is a third or less compared to what you'll pay with some big name services. Here's the best deal of all: Get 25 FREE Music Downloads for your iPod® or any MP3 player!

By the way, are you one of the lucky one's who got a new cell phone this year? Maybe a RAZR, a Chocolate or a Fusic? How exciting. You are going to love using that new phone. But what's going to become of your old cell phone that doesn't even have service anymore? Please don't say you're going to drop it in the trash. Those things are toxic waste, containing lead, cadmium and other nasty chemicals that pollute the environment if buried and left to decay. Be a good citizen and send in any old cell phone for proper recycling at no cost to you. Newer phones, typically the ones with service that has recently expired, are actually worth money. You can get paid to turn in your phone so it can be refurbished for use in third world countries.

You say you got a new high performance PC for Christmas? Excellent. If you haven't upgraded in awhile or are getting your first PC, you'll be astonished by how much faster everything operates. The one remaining bottleneck is your Internet connection. Dial-up Internet is fine for very occasional use and email only. But to get the most use and enjoyment from your PC these days, you really need broadband. Broadband gives you the speed to rapidly download web pages, music, videos, and software upgrades. There are many providers of high speed broadband Internet now, including telephone companies, Cable TV companies and via two-way Satellite for out of town locations. How do you get the best deal? Easy. Just use our DSL, Cable and Satellite Internet service locator. It's free and only takes a couple of minutes to find what's available at your location.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a fun and exciting New Year.

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