Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Samsung's T509s is a Plum of a Cell Phone

Little Jack Horner heard something in the corner
of his shirt pocket starting to ring.
He stuck in a thumb, pulled out his Plum,
and did the whole wireless thing.

Do you know Jack? Would you like to be Jack? Well you will, once you discover the cool new T509s Plum from Samsung. Hmmm. Plum from Samsung. That sounds like another rhyme in the making. Whatever. Right now I want to tell you about Plum phone.

The Samsung T509s Plum with myFaves supports the hottest new cellular service from T-Mobile. The myFaves service lets you pick 5 numbers you call frequently and declare those as your favorites or "faves." Calls to or from your myFaves numbers don't count against your monthly minutes allotment. That's even if the numbers happen to be landlines or even competing cellular providers anywhere in the USA. If you want myFaves, you'll need this phone and you'll need to select a myFaves calling plan from T-Mobile, rather than one of the usual Get More plans.

So why does Samsung call the T509s a "Plum." Because it is. This phone is a gorgeous deep plum color. It's also super-slim at less than a half-inch thick and super lightweight at just 2.7 ounces. You can carry the Plum in your pocket or bag and hardly know it's there. Others will notice, though. Just as soon as you hold it up to make a call. You'll probably get some taps on the shoulder from envious onlookers who want to know where you found such a cool phone. Just smile, or refer them here.

Despite its small size and light weight, the Samsung T509s Plum has all the latest technology. It supports Bluetooth wireless headsets, has a built-in speakerphone, takes great photos and short videos with its digital camera, and can display sharp images on its large color display. This is a candybar style cell phone that fits neatly in your hand without having to flip it open. Extras include a 1,000 contact phone book and ability to record voice memos up to 1 minute long.

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