Sunday, September 10, 2006

Motorola RAZR V3i Plays iTunes

Now you can carry the highly desirable Motorola RAZR "Razor" phone with the added benefit of having your Apple iTunes with you. This new RAZR inlcudes an iTunes music player.

The Motorola RAZR V3i razor phone is the most advanced implementation of the RAZR yet. It retains the basic heritage of the RAZR line, including the 0.5 inch aircraft-grade aluminum shell along with the backlit etched precision crafted keypad. It also has the two color displays. The smaller external display shows important information, such as battery life remaining and signal strength, while the case is closed. The large main display is very high resolution, capable of showing over 262,000 colors.

This version of the razor comes with an improved digital camera. it has a resolution of 1.23 Megapixels coupled with an 8x digital zoom. This camera will give you excellent impromptu snapshots that look great on the high resolution display and can be shared with friends using multimedia messaging. At this resolution, you also have the option to print your pictures and have them as sharp as you'll get with a lot of regular digital cameras. You also have the option to use your camera in camcorder mode, capturing video at 15 frames per second for as long as you have memory.

Memory? Yes, the memory of the RAZR V3i is expandable. You can plug in microSD / TransFlash memory cards as needed to store your pictures, videos and music.

Like other RAZR models, the V3i has several notable hands-free features. You get outstanding voice activated dialing that lets you speak a phonebook name without having to pre-train the phone. The built-in speakerphone works just like the one in your office. You also have the option to clip a Bluetooth wireless headset on your ear and converse while the phone remains in your pocket or bag.

Other valuable features include text messaging capability with pre-loaded message templates, an email client that lets you get your email messages on the go, voice memo recorder, and a huge phone book with up to 1,000 contacts including multiple numbers per name.

All of this in an amazing lightweight package that weighs just 3.5 ounces. Many plastic phones weigh more than this and they are twice as thick. With the RAZR V3i you get a strong aluminum case and excellent battery life. Talk time is up to 402 minutes or well over 6 hours. Standby time can be up to 12 days or more.

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