Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pantech C300 Spy Camera Phone

Imagine yourself at the embassy reception. When nobody is looking, you slip quietly down a dark hall and into a file room where your target it located. Glancing over your shoulder to make sure nobody has followed, you remove a small silver device from your purse and un-fold it to photograph a secret military prototype. The built-in LED flash ensures a sharp picture even in the dimly lit room. Wait! There are footsteps echoing on the floor tiles outside. Without missing a beat, you quickly snap closed your spy-cam and slip through the doorway appearing as non-challant as possible. The security check at the exit notes only a few personal items including a "decorator" cell phone. You've fooled them all, thanks to your ultra-sophisticated and equally expensive Pantech C300 spy camera issued only to secret agents.

Ah, go ahead. Enjoy the fantasy. Even though you're not really Sidney Bristow and you're not in a foreign embassy, you're in the Embassy Suites hotel. Since they foolishly decided not to renew Alias for another season, who else is going to get to use the neatest technology designed as fashion accessories? If not you, who?

The good news is that this is one fantasy you can afford to indulge yourself. The Pantech C300 does, indeed, have the appearance of something the CIA might issue. But not with the usual government price tag. In fact, this phone is free. It's free with your Cingular Wireless service order and no undercover credentials are required.

The Pantech C300 is indeed the world's smallest and lightest flip phone. The gorgeous textured silver color case measures a palmable 2.7 x 1.7 x 0.8 inches. Weight? Featherweight. Just 2.5 ounces.

The outside of your C300 sports a vivid high resolution color display, the camera lens and flash. It fits easily into any pocket or bag, even a shirt pocket or those small high fashion purses. Flip it open and you'll find a larger high resolution color display and a nicely laid out keyboard. The display gives you a great view of the clear color pictures you'll take with the built-in VGA quality digital camera, plus pictures messages you receive from your fellow You can include sound as well as text with your pictures through the Pantech's multimedia messaging capability.

Of course, there are situations when it is not prudent to speak (wink, wink). For those you have standard SMS text messaging available, plus instant messaging with AOL IM, Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ all built-in. You can even browse mobile web sites using the included WAP 2.0 browser.

At other times, it may be unsafe or inconvenient to be holding a cell phone to your ear. No problem. Just switch on the built-in speakerphone and you can converse hands-free.

Games, graphics and ringtones are all downloadable to further personalize your Pantech C300. It even supports the newer more realistic MP3 ringtones. May we suggest, say, the theme from Mission Impossible?

Of course, if your mission is to acquire a completely different model phone or wireless device, there's no need to sneak around. You'll find exactly what you are looking for at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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