Monday, August 07, 2006

LG Chocolate Phone Sweet Discount

I wonder how many people are going to forget themselves and bite down on the new LG Chocolate phone before they realize what they're doing? Oh, then they're going to be furious. Not because they've chipped a tooth. Because they've just marred the pristine case of this delicious techno-candybar.

Verizon's challenger to both the iPod and stylish cell phones everywhere is causing quite a stir already, and it only makes it's debut this week. How can you resist? This is dark chocolate, the kind that's good for you. The red navigation markings almost look like little bits of cherry embedded in a sea of sweetness.

Beauty is far more that skin deep on the LG Chocolate. The most advanced feature is the MP3 and WMA music player that accepts plug-in memory expansion cards up to 2 GB. That's enough for 1,000 songs. Clearly this is a rival to those stand alone music players, including that tasty fruit from Cupertino.

Oh, but the LG Chocolate phone goes beyond what you'll see in a solid state music player. How about listening to your song collection on wireless headphones. The Chocolate supports stereo Bluetooth streaming via the A2DP profile. You can also use a regular Bluetooth headset for hands-free cell phone calls, but you'll need a special stereo headset or a home stereo hookup that supports A2DP to enjoy wireless music.

Ever buy and download a song on your iPod or MP3 player? I'll bet not. You need high speed wireless download capability for that. It comes built-into the LG Chocolate because ... it's a cell phone! Browse, order and download songs from the Verizon Music Store using Verizon's VCAST broadband cellular network in the metropolitan areas where it is available. You can also download your current collection from your PC with an optional USB cable.

Another advanced feature of the LG Chocolate is the 1.3 Megapixel camera that takes photos good enough to Enjoy them on the large high resolution digital color display, or share with friends via multimedia messaging.

The high resolution display will also be appreciated for watching video on demand from VCAST. Verizon's optional VCAST service includes news, weather, sports and entertainment shows updated daily.

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