Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Play Misty Rose For Me

You're a disc jockey playing jazz on the late night shift. The studio phone rings. You pick it up and a female voice whispers, "play misty rose for me."

There's only one thing to make of this. The new Sanyo SCP-2400 Misty Rose cell phone has arrived. Hers just came today via FedEx and she wants to make sure it's working. You can choose to start a long album cut and play "misty rose" with her or ... miss the opportunity. If you hang up now, you'll never know what a great phone this is or how to get a misty rose cell phone for yourself or that special someone.

Glad you decided to stick around. You are going to love this new phone. Sanyo's SCP-2400 Misty Rose is a gorgeous fashion phone that makes a great everyday cell phone. It's about the size of a standard business card and weights only 3.5 ounces. Flip open the rosy shell and you'll find a rich color display and special capabilities.

One of those capabilities is the ability to record voice memos. Who has paper and pencil handy all the time? Record up to a dozen 18 second voice memos for later. You can send and receive text and instant messages when the librarian is shhhhhing everyone. Or turn on the speakerphone and get thrown right out of there. At other hectic, but more appropriate, times that speakerphone will come handy.

The SCP-2400 Misty Rose has a couple of other features you might not expect. This phone will work in walkie-talkie mode for instant communications if you subscribe to the optional Sprint ReadyLink service. Great for a quick "heads up" alert or for special finds at the mall.

Another rare feature is parental controls. Usually you only find these on kiddie phones that no self-respecting pre-teen or teenager would be caught carrying. If your daughter is at that in-between stage where you'd like her to have a real cell phone but want to maintain some control over who she can talk to, these parental controls will do the trick. You can set up to three special numbers that can always be called or limit calls to whom you've approved in the cell's phone book. No way can she dial up that cool older guy she met on MySpace. He's blocked, parentally.

I mention this because daughter is going to "accidentally" smash that FireFly kids phone as soon as she sees you with one of these. Especially when she finds out that you got this cool rose hued cell phone free with your service. And even faster, once she realizes you could order a shared minutes plan and get two matching misty roses gratis with your Sprint wireless plan. You might as well give in and order a pair. Otherwise she'll just run off to use that germy public phone at the pool hall, and maybe even pick up a bad habit like smoking cigarettes or using rough language. You don't want that to happen, do you?

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