Sunday, June 11, 2006

Free Cell Phones Available With U.S. Cellular Wireless Service

You've seen the comical TV ads for U.S. Cellular wireless service where actress Joan Cusack keeps saying "call me." Have you been reluctant to give out your cell phone number for fear that a gabby friend would burn up all your minutes? Do people hesitate to call you on your cellular phone because they know that you have to pay for both outgoing and incoming calls?

Well, fear no more. U.S. Cellular's "CALL ME" feature lets you take calls in your local area without having them deducted from your minutes. In fact, on their national calling plans of $39.95 a month or more you get unlimited CALL ME minutes. Why, this makes your cell phone work a lot like your home phone. You'll be begging people to call you just to save your minutes.
U.S. Cellular is a "super-regional" wireless carrier, which means that they serve customers in 149 markets in 25 states. They may be a little smaller than some of the ubiquitous cellular carriers, but they make up for it in service and innovation. I've had U.S. Cellular service for years and have found it to be reliable and very cost effective.

Did you know that you can get your choice of some of the most popular cell phone models free or free after rebate when you order them with U.S. Cellular service through our online store?

So which phone do you order? Ah, that's up to you. No matter which cell phone you pick, you'll enjoy excellent U.S. Cellular wireless service. The most popular plan is the U.S. Cellular National Plan 1200 that gives you a whopping 1,200 anytime minutes per month plus unlimited CALL ME minutes and unlimited Mobile to Mobile minutes. You also get nationwide long distance, voicemail, many calling features and free text messaging email address to send, receive and reply to email via text message. Other plans are available to suit all budgets and needs.

Hint: If you really want the best deal of all, order a shared minutes plan and get TWO cell phones of your choice free or free after rebate.

No matter what type of cellphone, smartphone, or other wireless cellular device you are looking for you'll get an excellent deal at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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