Friday, June 16, 2006

Cingular Firefly Cell Phone Family Plans Make Sense

You'd like to give your child one of those cool Firefly cell phones for kids, but how can you justify spending a bundle on the phone plus an expensive monthly service plan? What if you didn't have to? What if the Firefly phone was free? What if you could share a service plan with a free phone for yourself and a Firefly for your little one? Does that sound like a better idea? If so, read on.

Let's face it. If you buy your Firefly phone off the rack in a store you're going to pay some big bucks. These little phones go for about $100 usually and maybe $10 less on sale at a major retailer. It's tempting to just grab one on the spur of the moment, but don't. You'll be rewarded for your shopping patience.

The hundred bucks is just the start of it, though. If you grab a phone, better grab a airtime minutes card too. They're $25 each and give you 100 minutes good for 90 days. Then what? You have to buy another card or lose service. Too bad if your kid uses the phone a lot and runs out of minutes. You have to buy another card or order more minutes to keep talking.

Here's a better proposition. Order your Firefly online with cellular service from AT&T. Your phone is free. Want more? Order a family plan and get TWO free Firefly phones. Or, change the second phone to something you want and give the Firefly to your child.

So, how much extra do you pay for your service plan that includes that free Firefly? You can actually get a family plan for the same monthly cost as a single plan, but with fewer minutes. The featured plan offers more minutes for a higher price. But you can have up to 5 phones on this plan with an additional charge of $9.99 per phone. Hey, outfit the whole family! Check the complete selection of family plans and pick the one that works for you.

If a shared minutes plan will work for your family, you can see that it can be very attractive compared to what you'll find hanging on the rack in those retail stores. Getting a free Firefly phone along with a new free phone for yourself and paying just a little more per month for a shared minutes plan can be the best deal of all. Now you can have the convenience and security of knowing that your little one can stay in touch with you at any time or push the emergency button on the Firefly and summon the authorities if danger suddenly appears.

The Firefly was designed especially for kindergarten and pre-teen children who aren't ready for a standard cell phone. It's small size and rounded case fits easily in their little hand. There's a button to call mom, a button to call dad, and an emergency call button. You can also program up to 20 other numbers in its address book. The key is that parents program the phone and decide who can call or be called. Kids get a cool and tough translucent phone that clips on their coat or backpack and is goes where they go, always at the ready.

Unfortunately, the Firefly offer is no longer available

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