Monday, May 01, 2006

Get $100 Just to Sign Up For Dish Network

You've hear of the TV wars, right? No, not NBC vs ABC, or 24 vs The Apprentice, or even subscription television vs over the air broadcasting. The real pitched battle is Satellite TV head to head with Cable TV.

So what's behind these TV wars? In any area there are only a few broadcast channels available and they are strictly regulated by the FCC. There's no way there are going to be any more because the cell phone companies and public service agencies are competing for that same spectrum. Your only hope to get more variety in TV programming is to subscribe to either satellite or cable television. Cable TV is a regulated franchise, something like over the air broadcasting. Each town has one and only one Cable TV company. If you live outside a metropolitan area or in a new subdivision that isn't wired up yet you are totally out of luck. Even if you do live in an area wired for Cable, you'll have to pay whatever this monopoly provider cares to charge... and that can be a LOT.

That's where satellite TV fills the demand for more and higher quality TV channels without the need to string more wiring all over town. Dish Network is the leader in satellite broadcasting, with hundreds of channels available including news, movies, sports, science, kids channels and even your local TV channels.

Why the locals? Two good reasons. First, your over the air reception may not be all that great. Snow, lines, and distorted pictures are typical. Even the locals on Cable may not look all that great. Any of the Cable channels that are in analog, like most over the air broadcasting, are subject to picture degradation. Dish Network channels are 100% digital transmission. The other reason is that Dish Network offers a receiver that includes a digital video recorder, also called a DVR or PVR (Personal Video Recorder). This technology lets you record, pause and replay your TV programs without a VCR. The quality is just the same as when you watch live because the signal stays in the digital mode.

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