Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Free $50 AMEX Gift Cheque With Sprint or Nextel Phones

If you've been considering a new cell phone, here's the special offer that's just the incentive to order yours now. For a limited time only, expiring April 30, you'll get a free $50 AMEX Gift Cheque when you order select models of Sprint or Nextel cell phones with service through our online cellular store.

What is an AMEX Gift Cheque? It's moolah! Yes, this gift cheque works just like cash at most retail locations, hotels and restaurants wherever American Express is accepted. Your gift cheque will never expire and if you make a purchase for less than $50 with it, you get cash back.

How do you cash in on this special offer? All you have to do is order one of the following qualifying cell phones with service. After your phone has been activated and shipped, you'll get instructions for how to obtain your $50 American Express Gift Cheque. There's a link with each phone where you can learn more about his deal.

Motorola i760 for Nextel - This stylish clamshell phone is not only free after rebate, but you get $50 cash back plus the gift cheque.

Motorola i850 for Nextel - Free after rebate camera phone includes gift cheque.

Motorola i870 for Nextel - Advanced video phone has megapixel camera and built-in MP3 player. Includes gift cheque.

Motorola C290 for Sprint - The newest in Motorola everyday cell phones is free plus the gift cheque.

LG PM-225 - This striking red cell phone is a popular camera phone that also includes the gift cheque.

Samsung MM-A900 - Nicknamed the "blade", this high technology phone is slim enough to compete with the Motorola "razor." Plus is has an MP3 player, Bluetooth communications and on-demand video capability. Deal includes the free gift cheque.

Samsung MM-A920 - Hot multimedia phone includes a free Bluetooth headset, cash back after rebate, and the bonus gift cheque.

Samsung MM-A840 - Very lightweight phone has internal antenna and digital camera. You get it free with your service order plus the free gift check.

Wow, is that enough phones to pick from? No? Well, these are just the cellphones that have the limited time $50 AMEX gift check bonus available. They all include free 2-day shipping as well. But if you have your heart set on something else, we do offer great deals on many more cell phones and other cellular providers. Find exactly what you want at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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