Thursday, March 02, 2006

Your Motorola ROKR iTunes Rocker Phone is FREE with Cash Back

Here's the special deal you've been waiting for on the Motorola ROKR with iTunes. Right now, and I mean as of the date of this posting, Your Motorola ROKR "Rocker" iTunes cell phone is free after rebate with an additional $50 cash back. If you want this deal, snap it up before the special stock is gone.

Wow. Isn't this the very same Motorola Rocker music phone that is valued at almost five hundred bucks and usually sells for over a hundred even deeply discounted? Yes, it's the very same. I think that you'll agree this is an outstanding offer on a deal you won't find in stores or kiosks. But there's no guarantee on how long it will be available. On other hot phones that have been offered free after rebate with cash back, you could hear the whooshing noise as they flew off the stockroom shelves. So, I'll apologize in advance if they run out before I get a chance to update this notification.

Let's recap what makes the Motorola ROKR such a unique mobile device. It's the first phone in the US to play Apple iTunes and can hold up to 100 songs with an expanded memory card. The large color main display will show album art. You can also load audiobooks and podcasts via Apple's iTunes software on your PC. That software is included on a CD-ROM in your phone package.

Your Rocker phone also comes with a stereo headset for private listening or you can use built-in surround-sound speakers to share the fun. Transfer songs from your PC or Macintosh computer with the included USB cable. You'll have lots of battery life to enjoy your music away from home. Even on the speakers, you'll be able to enjoy your iTunes for over 6 hours. Switch to telephone mode and you can talk for up to 9 hours. That's incredible battery life for a cell phone.

If all the Motorola ROKR Rocker did was give you an iTunes player and cell phone one package, it would be a terrific bargain with this deal. But you get so much more. This isn't just an ordinary candy bar style cell phone. It has Bluetooth wireless technology so you can clip one of those little Bluetooth headsets on your ear and talk hands-free. Or use the speakerphone function to let your friends join in the conversation.

You also get a digital camera. The VGA quality camera in the Rocker has 4x digital zoom capability. It's perfect for taking those spur of the moment snapshots and viewing them on your screen or sending them to friends. The camera can even make short movies in video capture / camcorder mode.

Well, why settle for a conventional cell phone when you can have a "rocker" of a phone with digital camera, outstanding talk time, Bluetooth capability and iTunes to carry with you for entertainment on the go? No need to compromise at this price. For an even better deal, order a shared minutes plan and get TWO of these Motorola ROKR with iTunes phones or other cell phones of your choice.

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