Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Motorola PEBL Pebble Phone with Free Bluetooth Headset

The Motorola PEBL is a cell phone from out of this world, just like you've seen in the commercial. It has a rounded shell with a glide hinge that almost opens itself. Closed, the PEBL's smooth matte finished exterior does indeed look like a large pebble you've just picked up off the beach. Just the right size for your hand. It also slips easily into pocket or purse and weighs less than 4 oz.

But no smooth stone, not even one sent here from beyond, will do what this pebble phone does. Check out the cool analog clock display on the outside of the shell. Also notice the camera lens. The Motorola PEBL has a VGA quality digital camera with 4x digital zoom and LED flash. You'll be able to capture the moment and send the pix to your friends. You can even switch to camcorder mode and use the same digital camera to make short video movies.

The Pebble phone is so intriguing you'll get a lot of enjoyment from making and receiving calls to the wonder of onlookers. But we understand that sometimes you really need to keep your hands free for safety reasons or just convenience. That's why the Motorola PEBL incorporates Bluetooth wireless technology so you can sip a Bluetooth headset on your ear and put the phone safely in your pocket. At other times, you'll want your companions to hear the conversation too. Simply switch on the speakerphone feature and enjoy.

Other features of the Motorola PEBL pebble phone include picture Caller ID, instant messaging, voice memo, calendar and calculator, huge bright color display and extra long battery life. You can talk for up to 400 minutes or well over 6 hours. Standby time is an equally impressive 250 hours or over 10 days between charges.

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