Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pay As You Go Cell Phones Without Airtime Cards

If you want a cell phone, your choices seem to be limited to signing a two year service contract with a major cellular carrier or buying a prepaid cell phone and then buying airtime cards every month to charge it up. OPEX Wireless offers some additional options, including a 9.9 cent per minute calling plan that eliminates the need for prepaid airtime cards. Also eliminated are contracts and commitments. You really can just pay as you go.

OPEX On-The-Fly runs on the nationwide OPEX GSM Wireless network. You buy your phone at a discounted price and pay 25 cents a day for network access. You then pay 9.9 cents per call and 9.9 cents per minute. Sounds a bit complicated, but consider that 25 cents a day comes out to $7.75 a month. That's all you pay if you are keeping your phone for emergencies. There is no minimum usage requirement. You can do that with other prepaid wireless plans, but none of them are this cheap for monthly access when you don't make calls, and you have to remember to keep recharging your phone to keep your service active.

OPEX does away with the airtime cards. You can elect to get a monthly eBill online, which is free. Or you can pay $1.99 a month to get a paper bill. A third option automatically charges your credit card each month so you can forget about having to remember to pay a bill at all.

Extras included in the OPEX On-The-Fly pay as you go plan include free roaming, free voicemail, free caller ID, free call waiting, free call waiting and free 3-way conference calling.

For phones, you get to select from the Sony Ericsson T226 and T290 candy bar styles, the Motorola V173 or LG 2000 clamshell phones, or the Firefly kids cell phone.

OPEX Wireless also offers other wireless service plans that might be a better match to how you want to use your service. The Nationwide 100 plan gives you 100 anytime minutes with free long distance for $14.99 a month. The Nationwide 250 has 250 anytime minutes for $29.99 a month. The Nationwide 450 has 450 anytime minutes for $44.99 a month. With these Nationwide plans you also have to option to select either month to month billing or a 2 year contract.

The advantage of the contract is that you can get your cell phone free or at a much lower price. Another advantage is that you can add more phones to share your minutes for just $9.99 each. There can be up to 4 phones on one service plan. That's perfect if your family members each need a cell phone but aren't big talkers.

With all these options, you should be able to find a cell phone plan that gives you the mobility you want for the right price, considering how you want to use cellular service. You can learn more and select the right service plan and cell phone by visiting Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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