Monday, February 06, 2006

Motorola RAZR Pink "Razor" Phone and Bluetooth Headset FREE Deal

Imagine the fashion statement you'll make when you flip open the gorgeous frosty pink anodized shell of your new RAZR phone to take or make a call. Dialing is almost effortless on the ultra thin feather-touch keyboard. Oh, don't feel like pushing the buttons? Dial by using only your voice.

Just smile to return the looks of envy from those who only wish they had their own Pink Razor. If you are feeling magnanimous, just tell them where you found this offer. Or not. ;-)

For those you really care about, take and send high quality photos using the RAZR's digital camera. You'll be able to view incoming pictures and streaming multimedia video on the large bright main color display. You'll also have the capability to text message and even exchange email or browse the Web with this high technology phone.

Going overseas? The Motorola RAZR Pink has quad band GSM capability so it will work on compatible networks worldwide.

Of course this is a phone to be seen with. But sometimes you need your hands free while you talk. We understand. That's why the Pink RAZR lets you clip a Bluetooth headset on your ear and converse unencumbered. At other times, you may want to use the built-in speakerphone for hands free conversations or to include others who are with you.

Who should have their own Pink RAZR? Any woman who appreciates fashion with her technology. Certainly this is a Mary Kay Cosmetics Beauty Consultant's dream phone. And certainly the successful corporate executive will delight in carrying this slim yet powerful fashion statement. But any woman who "thinks pink" will delight in having a pink cell phone for work or personal conversations. With the special offer running now, there's no reason to be denied the pleasure of pink.

Attention men: Maybe you're just getting a kick out of reading about the Pink RAZR, but have you thought about what she'd really appreciate for that special occasion? Show how much you really care by giving her this unique beauty of a cell phone ready to use. In fact, you can both enjoy this special offer by getting a shared minutes plan with a Pink RAZR for her and perhaps a Black RAZR for yourself. Hey, what says commitment more than sharing cellular minutes? No need to tell her what an incredible savings you got. Just smile and enjoy the appreciation.

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