Thursday, February 16, 2006

LG PM-225 Red Cell Phone Special

The LG PM-225 has been a best seller for good reasons. Now the latest edition of this popular cell phone is available as the LG PM-255 Red.

The PM-225 Red has a very cool red accent on the front cover. People will wonder where you got such a stylish clamshell phone. Be nice. Tell them about this article and how they can get their PM-255 Red for free, too.

Your LG PM-225 Red proves that good things come in small packages. Closed, it's about the size of a standard business card and weights only 3.35 oz. Fits neatly in pocket or purse. You'll hardly even know it's there. Of course, you'll know it's ringing when you hear one of the distinctive ringtones. You can check Caller ID to see who's ringing just by looking at the color external display. It will also show you battery life, signal strength and other valuable information.

Flip open your PM-225 Red and you'll find a beautiful color main display. It's perfect for viewing the pictures you take using the built-in VGA quality digital camera. Send your pictures to friends or print them to keep.

Need to make calls but keep your hands free at the same time? The LG PM-225 Red has a high quality speakerphone and voice activated dialing. You can also record a voice memo if you wish.

For times when you need to communicate but really can't speak, you have standard SMS text messaging available and multimedia messaging as well. An email client and mobile Web browser are included for your convenience.

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