Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cellular Smorgasbord Now Open

Grab your plate and feast your eyes. It's an online feeding frenzy of great cell phones and top wireless services!

Mmmmm. Just have a look at some of the current featured specials. The venerable Motorola V3 RAZR phone is free after rebate with a bonus Bluetooth headset when you order it with Cingular Wireless service. The featured phone with T-Mobile service is the Motorola V330 clamshell style camera phone. Yes, it also comes with a bonus Bluetooth headset. How about Verizon Wireless service? You bet. Take the Motorola e815 with a Verizon Wireless cellular plan and you'll get that Bluetooth Headset.

What else is on the menu? How about great Sprint PCS Wireless service and a Samsung A840 camera phone free after rebate with a Bluetooth headset. Or, get Nextel's compact camera phone, the Motorola i850 free after rebate.

How's this stack up with your usual cell phone store? What? You mean they don't have free phones? No free Bluetooth headsets? No comparison shopping of dozens of phones with 7 different service providers? Oh, you are going to like this shopping experience so much more.

First of all, you have a choice in how you want to shop. Do you have a favorite carrier in mind? The Wirefly for Cognigen cellphone store has Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Nextel, Cellular One and Alltel. You don't have to run around town to comparison shop. They're all right here at your fingertips.

Would you rather pick a phone brand and then see who has the best deal? Wirefly for Cognigen has phones made by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG Electronics, Audiovox, Samsung, Blackberry, Sanyo, Siemens Mobile, T-Mobile, Kyocera, Palm and Firefly. Not just a few phones either. There's a huge selection of the latest cell phones in high demand.

For instance, you can choose from the Motorola RAZR phone in the original silver finish, the RAZR Black or the new RAZR Pink. How about a Motorola ROKR with iTunes? It's here waiting for you. For the kids there's the Firefly that looks like a little bug and the Migo that really looks like a little bug. Or like Shrek, according to some. How about a Sony Ericsson W600 Walkman phone or a Z520a camera phone? Perhaps you'd like a Palm Treo 650. Yes, it's available and an excellent discount.

Not sure what all these phones are or what they can do? No problem. Each phone is featured on its own page with an image gallery and "phone details" that tell about the features you'll get. You'll also get clear information about the instant savings and mail-in rebates available for that phone and the recommended service plan.

Here's a little secret that can save you a bundle. Nearly every one of these phones is available on a shared minutes plan. You can often get 2 phones free or at a huge discount and share the minutes on a single plan. The cost is often much less than ordering two separate plans and most people don't need thousands of minutes a month anyway. This is the perfect option for families where spouses both want a cell phone, maybe the same model, maybe not. Or, if you'd like to give your pre-teen a Firefly or Migo for security. Get a kids phone for them and a regular full featured cell phone for yourself.

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