Monday, January 16, 2006

Diane Von Furstenberg Mobile Limited Offer

Do you want the most fashionable cell phone available? Here's your chance to get one or two of only 1,000 "couture" phones by Diane von Furstenberg, Vogue and Samsung. When they're gone, they're gone. Consider yourself warned.

This high fashion, high tech mobile showcases Diane's unique vision and style with a reproduction of an Andy Warhol painting featuring her own likeness. In addition, the highly collectible package is accessorized by an exclusive CityBand accessory to hold your lip gloss and credit card. Plus it includes signature screen savers and ringtones as well. The external screen doubles as a mirror for quick touch ups.

OK, this is a ladies phone. Men, you probably better stick with a Motorola RAZR Black to show your style.

But back to the Diane Von Furstenberg Mobile by Samsung. Yes, you get a digital camera. Turn your friends green with envy when you tell them what you are using as a camera. Oh, you can't talk where your are? No problem. Send and receive text messages. Choose from any of 300 friends in your phonebook. You have up to 192 minutes to talk between charges. That's charging the phone, not your credit card. Still, over 3 hours of talk time. The standby time is up to 216 hours or 9 days.

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