Friday, December 23, 2005

Nokia 3220 Gaming Phone

Who wants a boring cell phone when you can have one that's specifically designed for fun? The Nokia 3220 video phone is small enough to put in a pocket or purse and take anywhere. It also works great as a cellular phone with Cingular Wireless service. What makes this phone different is the fun features.

Let's start with the games. You get four hot titles preloaded and ready to play, plus you can download more Java-based games. Unlike most phones, the 3220 gives you gaming feedback. The phone vibrates and lights up as you play. This physical feedback, something like the force feedback joysticks, is also called haptics. It helps to make game play feel more realistic.

Feel like making a short movie today? No, you don't need a separate camcorder. The VGA quality digital camera in the Nokia 3220 can capture video clips up to 3 minutes each. The camera also takes great still photos and has a built-in imaging editor. Send and receive picture or video messages with voice clips to amuse your friends.

Customizing your 3220 is also a treat. It has changeable Xpress-on covers so you can change the look of the faceplate as you wish. Graphics and themes are customizable.

Go hands-free with the Nokia 3220. You have hands free dialing and voice driven menus. Or, turn on the speakerphone and let everyone in on the conversation. If you need to make a note, forget old fashioned pencil and paper. Use the voice memo feature of the phone.

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