Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Motorola V180 Free Cell Phone Special

This phone is small, sharp looking and it's better than free. Better than free? Yes. You don't pay for the phone. It's shipped to you by 2-day FedEx delivery and you don't even pay for shipping. You even get a mail-in rebate for $75 cash back.

Now wait a second. How can you get a rebate on something you didn't pay for in the first place? Amazingly, you can when you order your Motorola V180 cell phone with new Cingular Wireless service on this special offer. Is this deal going to last very long? What do you think?

The Motorola V180 is a stylish clamshell style phone called an ultra-compact flip design. Closed, it's slightly smaller than a regular business card and weighs-in at just 3.26 oz. Now you might think such a small phone would be limited in usefullness. Not the V180. This is a quad-band GSM phone that allows for roaming in more than 150 countries. The powerful but lightweight battery gives you up to 348 minutes of talk time. That's well over 5 hours. Standby time is up to 275 hours or over 11 days.

You also get such popular features as a color main display, plus an external display to show important information while your phone is closed. Turn on the built-in speakerphone for hands-free conversations. You have SMS text messaging capability and a 500 entry phone book.

The Motorola V180 is a perfect everyday phone for pocket or purse. Why not get yours now while there is such a fantastic offer available? The V180 is free with your service order plus, for a limited time only you'll get a $75 cash back rebate as well.

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