Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SunRocket's Bargain Broadband Phone

Trying to decide if broadband phone service is right for you? It can be confusing. The promoted monthly fees sound really good, especially if you make lots of long distance calls. But then you get your bill and there are all sorts of extra taxes and fees. Voice quality can be all over the map. Some people get great service. Others sound just awful. So, what to do?

Before you sign up for anything, you need to know about a new and fast growing broadband phone company called SunRocket. It's got a cheery name and an offer that will get you in a cheery mood. SunRocket's approach is to make broadband phone service easy to install and use, reliably good quality, and with a price that is both attractive and all-inclusive. It's a path that all alternative phone services are going to have to take if Internet telephone is ever going to realize its potential.

Here's the SunRocket offer. You get your local phone calls and unlimited calls within the 50 states and Canada for one low price. It's $199 for a year. Does that sound like a lot? Divide it by 12 and you'll see you're paying under $17 a month. That's less than most broadband phone services and it's the actual price you pay. All taxes and fees are included.

Don't like the idea of paying for a whole year at once? OK. You can get month to month service for just $24.95 a month.

Here's what else is included in your SunRocket service. You get free international calls up to $3 worth per month. That's 100 minutes of calling to France or Germany, by the way. After the free credit, you pay only 3 cents a minute to call these countries. Calls to China are 5 cents a minute. Other countries are also bargain priced compared to traditional long distance or calling card prices. If you only occasionally need to make a short overseas call, you may never have to pay for international long distance.

Oh, you also get 2 free directory assistance calls per month. Know any other phone companies that will do that?

Need an extra phone line? Wait, don't pay for it. SunRocket service gives you TWO independent phone numbers. One of them can even be your current number. The other can be a local number or you can make it local in another city where SunRocket offers service? Why? So friends and relatives can get in touch by calling a number that is local to them?

Do you pay extra for Caller ID now? You won't with SunRocket service. You get enhanced telephone service features that include Caller ID, voicemail, 3-way calling, call waiting, call blocking, distinctive rings and more. They're all included in the service price.

Plus... are you ready for this... for a limited time you will also get free phones with your order. Yes, with this special offer you'll get a Uniden cordless phone system with 2 handsets, speaker phones built-into each handset, plus Caller ID and voicemail indicator built-in.

Of course, this is the type of offer you want to take advantage of right away. You can, without hesitation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You'll probably love SunRocket, but if you don't you have a 31 day risk-free money-back guarantee.

Now, there is one small matter. In order to use SunRocket broadband phone, you need to have broadband Internet service already installed. You'll need Cable or DSL broadband with a minimum upstream and downstream bandwidth of 90 Kbps. Most residential broadband connections far exceed this capacity, but check yours to be sure. Also, note that Satellite broadband doesn't work well at all for broadband phone.

Don't worry about having to buy any other equipment. SunRocket will send you their "gizmo" connector box that hooks to your broadband modem, your telephones, your computer, and your wireless router if you have one. The "gizmo" has a funny name but it's a sophisticated VoIP media gateway that makes sure your broadband phone works right and sounds good. Installation takes just a few minutes to plug the equipment together and anyone can do it. Of course, there is no extra cost for the "gizmo" and no shipping charges.

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