Friday, November 25, 2005

Samsung X497 With Cash Back

Here's a way you can get a great cell phone in a small package for free with your cellular service, and then get a bonus $50 cash back. The phone is the stylish Samsung X497. It's a cool little clamshell-style cell phone that weighs only 3 ounces. You'll hardly know it's in your pocket or purse. Yet this phone will be a solid performer for you day after day.

Flip open your Samsung X497 and you'll see the LCD main display that shows over 65,000 colors. You'll be able to display picture messages that come in from family and friends, as well as using this display for built-in functions such as the calculator, currency converter, calendar and 500 entry phone book. You can send and receive text messages with the X497.

Close your phone and you'll find another display. This smaller external display shows you important information such as signal strength, time, date and battery life. All without having to open the phone first.

There's another advanced feature you'll like about the Samsung X497. The built-in speakerphone lets you talk hands-free. Set it on the table in the middle of your group for an important conference call.

What do you suppose a sharp looking cell phone like this costs? Well, I can tell you that the Samsung X497 is valued at $224.99. No way do you have to pay that. In fact, no way do you have to pay anything for this phone if you order it with new Cingular Wireless service from our online cellular store.

In fact, if you order right away you can get in on our special offer that includes your Samsung X497 at no cost to you, plus free 2 day delivery via FedEx, plus a mail-in rebate worth $50. But, wait. You didn't pay for the phone in the first place! So that means you'll get $50 back from the rebate that you can go ahead and use for something else. What a deal!

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